Elvie Renshaw

"The greatest job of life is to love and be loved." — R.D. Clyde



Elvie found joy in composing poems. She was often asked to write a poem for a special occasion, such as an anniversary, a birthday tribute, shower invitation and all manner of occasions. Elvie’s grandchildren fondly remember receiving a birthday card, with a poem by Grama, sticks of Juicy Fruit or Double Mint gum and coins taped inside. Included here are a few of her many poems.

It's Fun to Be Poor

If we would only stop awhile

And ponder a few things o’er,

Listing those that can’t be bought,

We’d find it’s fun to be poor.

Through life we struggle frantically

Just to capture a little dough,

Forgetting everything worthwhile

In our effort to make a show.

Did you ever stop to think true love

Can’t be bought with money!

It’ll never make a blind man see,

Or turn a dark sky sunny.

True, money can buy many things,

It makes folks feel secure,

But when a loved one dies, you can’t buy faith,

Which helps folks to endure.

When doctors give you up saying,

“There’s no more we can do,”

All the money in this old world

Will never pull you through.

We don’t worry over income tax

Like poor rich fellows do,

We’re not annoyed with extortioners,

Threatening they will sue.

There’s no iron bars at our windows,

Our children can romp and play,

Kidnappers never bother them

Because it doesn’t pay.

Poor folks are loved for what they are,

No will over which to cry,

No one is waiting anxiously

Hoping soon they’ll die.

The rich man’s gardens we may enjoy,

If not in such a hurry,

As smile as we gaze knowing well

The upkeep’s not our worry.

Be thankful you can help yourself,

It’s a blessing from the Lord,

A servant can’t bring happiness

Because you pull a silken cord.

If the desire for enormous riches

Hasn’t got you to the core,

I’m sure you’ll agree with me,

It’s fun to be poor!